- Think in Satoshi -

While 1 Bitcoin is ...loading... = 100.000.000 Satoshi

1 Satoshi is only loading...


Data Updates & Calculations

The data of the listed assets are updated at following intervals:
Crypto Currencies ~1 minutes
Fiat ~2 minutes
Precious Metals & Oil ~2 minutes
Stock market ~2 minutes
Indexes ~2 minutes

Calculation of the Satoshi Price

Based on the given fact that 1 BTC equls 100.000.000 Sat, all assets will be
calculated first in USD, the USD amount in BTC
and this amount will be multiplied by 100.000.000 to get the number of Satoshis.
Indexes are no currencies, but for simplifaction we set the index value equal to the USD to show the charting.

Change last 24h or 7 days

To get the change of an asset in Satoshi during a specific time (24h or 7d) the amount of Satoshi
will be calculated for the newest data (of asset and BTC) and then compared to the amout of Satoshi
24h or 7d ago (price of BTC and asset in the spicific past).
The difference between these two numbers builds the change value in Satoshi.

Be aware that, since we are not collecting data of some assets in a lower interval,
the calculation will be as near as possible to 24h or 7d but might acutally vary a few hours in worst case.

If you like my work, feel free to send me some Sats - BTC: 18DQTAH8qzY9wGsEhCBeAU7hJTL3QVHhcJ or some Litoshi - LTC: LPPRKV1BYvRcrKEM5fPo5eD9gFSngKiZPk